Interpsy: Psychology, Criminal Interrogation and the Impact of Knowledge, 1880-1940


A new project blog

Welcome to the project blog for Interpsy, an MSCA-funded project about criminal interrogations and psychology in late-nineteenth and twentieth-century Germany, France and the Netherlands.

As I am writing this, I (the “I” here is Elwin Hofman, as you can read in the about page) am one month into the project. My aim is to use this blog to give readers a “behind the scenes” experience. One the one hand, I will give updates on what I have been doing and share some preliminary finds. On the other, I will try to give some insight in the practical workings of historical research: what databases are useful? Does one simply walk into an archive when looking for sources? (One does not.) Where can you find scans of out of copyright books?

More soon!