Interpsy: Psychology, Criminal Interrogation and the Impact of Knowledge, 1880-1940


Workshop Criminal Interrogation: Past & Present

On 13 September 2024, we are organizing an interdisciplinary workshop on the past and present of criminal interrogation in Utrecht, The Netherlands. If you study criminal interrogation or have encountered interrogations in your research, please consider submitting a proposal by 15 May 2024. You can find the full call for papers here.

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‘A simple heuristic for distinguishing lie from truth’

A few days ago, the forensic psychologist Bruno Verschuere and a group of co-authors published a paper on lie detectionin Nature Human Behavior, which received ample attention in Dutch (1 2 3) and Belgian (1 2) popular media. After all, we all want to know how to detect lies! People (including police officers and judges)…

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A new project blog

Welcome to the project blog for Interpsy, an MSCA-funded project about criminal interrogations and psychology in late-nineteenth and twentieth-century Germany, France and the Netherlands. As I am writing this, I (the “I” here is Elwin Hofman, as you can read in the about page) am one month into the project. My aim is to use…

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